we are finishing up the development of the Spark plugin for Savanna.
In the next few days we will deploy it on an OpenStack cluster with real users to iron out the last few things. Hopefully next week we will put the code on a public github repository in beta status.

You can find the blueprint here:

There are two things we need to release, the VM image and the code itself.
For the image we created one ourselves and for the code we used the Vanilla plugin as a base.

We feel that our work could be interesting for others and we would like to see it integrated in Savanna. What is the best way to proceed?

We did not follow the Gerrit workflow until now because development happened internally. I will prepare the repo on github with git-review and reference the blueprint in the commit. After that, do you prefer that I send immediately the code for review or should I send a link here on the mailing list first for some feedback/discussion?

Thank you,
Daniele Venzano, Hoang Do and Vo Thanh Phuc

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