On 01/10/2014 04:05 AM, Daniele Venzano wrote:
On 01/09/14 19:12, Matthew Farrellee wrote:
This is definitely great news!

+2 to the things Sergey mentioned below.

Additionally, will you fill out the blueprint or wiki w/ details that
will help others write integration tests for your plugin?

We already implemented at least some part of the integration tests for
Spark, mimicking the ones that are provided with the Vanilla plugin. The
Spark plugin works almost exactly as the Vanilla one, it can install a
datanode, namenode, Spark master or Spark worker and resize the cluster.
What kind of documentation is needed?

That's great. Documentation of how and when to use the plugin will be great.

And, did you integrate (or have plans to integrate) Spark into the EDP
workflows in Horizon?

We would like to have that functionality. Currently we are limited by
the lack of a Swift service in our cluster. We will have one test
installation in a short while and then we will see. What is the status
of the HDFS datasource? We are very interested in that, but I lost track
of the development during the holidays.

It's coming along well. You could ping tmckay or croberts on #savanna to get specifics.



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