Brant Knudson <> wrote on 01/09/2014 10:07:27 AM:

> When I was starting out, I ran devstack ( ) on 
> an Ubuntu VM. You wind up with a system where you've got a basic 
> running OpenStack so you can try things out with the command-line 
> utilities, and also do development because it checks out all the 
> repos. I learned a lot, and it's how I still do development.

What sort(s) of testing do you do in that environment, and how?  Does your 
code editing interfere with the running DevStack?  Can you run the unit 
tests without interference from/to the running DevStack?  How do you do 
bigger tests?  What is the process for switching from running the merged 
code to running your modified code?  Are the answers documented someplace 
I have not found?

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