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    > When I was starting out, I ran devstack (
    http://devstack.org/) on
    > an Ubuntu VM. You wind up with a system where you've got a basic
    > running OpenStack so you can try things out with the command-line
    > utilities, and also do development because it checks out all the
    > repos. I learned a lot, and it's how I still do development.

    What sort(s) of testing do you do in that environment, and how?

Just running devstack exercises quite a bit of code, because it's setting up users, project, and loading images. Now you've got a system that's set up so you can add your own images and boot them using regular OpenStack commands, and you can use the command-line utilities or REST API to exercise your changes. The command-line utilities and REST API are documented. There are some things that you aren't going to be able to do with devstack because it's a single node, but that hasn't affected my development.

     Does your code editing interfere with the running DevStack?

Code editing doesn't interfere with a running DevStack. After you make a change you can find the process's screen in devstack's and restart it to pick up your changes. For example if you made a change that affects nova-api, you can restart the process in the n-api screen.

     Can you run the unit tests without interference from/to the
    running DevStack?

Running unit tests doesn't interfere with DevStack. The unit tests run in their own processes and also run in a virtual environment.

     How do you do bigger tests?

For bigger tests I'd need a cluster which I don't have, so I don't do bigger tests.
It is possible to setup a multi-node devstack cloud using multiple VMs, see http://devstack.org/guides/multinode-lab.html. Depending on what you are trying to test, e.g., VM migration, this may be sufficient.

     What is the process for switching from running the merged code to
    running your modified code?

I don't know what the merged code is? I use eclipse, so I create a project for the different directories in /opt/stack so I can edit the code right there.

     Are the answers documented someplace I have not found?


Not that I know of... the wiki pages are editable, so you or I could update them to help out others.

- Brant

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