I almost have the unit tests for gantt working except for one problem - is 
there a way to have the test infrastructure allow the gantt tree to import 
objects from the nova tree.

The problem is that we want to break out just the scheduler code into the gantt 
tree without duplicating all of nova.  The current scheduler has many imports 
of nova objects, which is not a problem except for the unit tests.  The unit 
tests run in an environment that doesn't include the nova tree so all of those 
imports wind up failing.

Adding `nova' to the `test-requirements.txt' file doesn't work because this 
causes the test system to look for a tar ball at 
`http://pypi.python.org/simple/nova/' and there isn't a tarball there, just a 
link to the openstack home page.

I can get the unit tests working in my local tree by putting in a symlink to 
the nova directory but that doesn't seem like a real solution for Jenkins.

Anyone have an ideas on how to address this?

Don Dugger
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