In previous Neutron IPv6 team meeting, we discussed the requirement of
providing NAT64 in OpenStack to facilitate the communication between IPv6
and IPv4 hosts. For example, from tenant IPv6 network to external
traditional IPv4 network. I was suggested to initiate a discussion in ML to
gather all forks thoughts.

I wonder if this is a fairly common requirement and what is the good way to
add this possibility to OpenStack. Several ways we mentioned in previous
sub-team meeting:

1. Add to current Neutron L3
This was also asked by Martinx in [1].
2. Run as service VM
3. Maybe even a new sub-project/project dedicated for address translation

I also want to mention that NAT64 may not be the only requirement to
communicate between IPv6 and IPv4 hosts. 6in4 tunneling and other methods
are als candidates.


Your comments are appreciated!

Xuhan Peng (irc: xuhanp)
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