Hi again!

I promise this will be a much shorter email than my last one ... :)

I'd like to propose that we find regular day/time to have a recurring code
jam. Here's what it looks like in my head:
- we get at least three core reviewers together
- as many non-core folks as show up are welcome, too
- we tune out all distractions for a few hours
- we pick a patch and all review it

If the author is present, we iterate with the author, and review each
revision they submit while we're all together. If the author is not present
and there are only minor issues, we fix them up in a follow-on patch and
land both at once. If neither of those are possible, we -1 it and move on.

I think we could make very quick progress in our review queue this way. In
particular, I want us to plow through the bug fixes that have been in Fix
Proposed status for a while ...

What do ya'll think of this idea? Useful or a doomed to fail?

What time would work for you? How about Thursdays at 8am PST?

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