Hello community.

I'd like to discuss feature of Neutron LBaaS in Heat.
Currently Heat resources are not identical to Neutron's.
There are four resources here:

According to this representation the VIP is a part of resource
Loadbalancer, whereas Neutron has separate object VIP.  I think it should
be changed to conform with Neutron's implementation.
So the main question: what is the best way to change it? I see following

1. Move VIP in separate resource in icehouse release (without any
Possibly we should support both (old and new) implementation for users too.
 IMO, it has also one big danger, because now we have stable version of it
and have not enough time to check new approach.
Also I think it does not make sense now, because Neutron team are
discussing new object model (
and it will be implemented in Juno.

2. The second idea is to wait all architecture changes that are planed in
Juno in Neutron. (look at link above)
Then we could recreate or change Heat LBaaS architecture at all.

Your feedback and other ideas about better implementation plan are welcome.

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