On 2014-03-04 12:51, Sean Dague wrote:
On 03/04/2014 01:27 PM, Ben Nemec wrote:
This warning should be gone by default once
gets synced.  I believe there is work underway by the db team to get
that done.

Note that the reason it will be gone is that we're changing the default
oslo db mode to traditional, so if we have any code that would have
triggered silent data corruption it's now going to be not so silent.


Ok, but we're at the i3 freeze. So is there a db patch set up for every
service to sync that, and FFE ready to let this land?

Because otherwise I'm very afraid this is going to get trapped as 1/2
implemented, which would be terrible for the release.

So basically, who is driving these patches out to the projects?


I'm not sure. We're tracking the sync work here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Icehouse-nova-oslo-sync but it just says the db team is working on it.

Adding Joe and Doug since I think they know more about what's going on with this.

If we can't get db synced, it's basically a bit flip to turn on traditional mode in the projects that are seeing this message right now. I'd rather not since we want to drop support for that in favor of the general sql_mode option, but it can certainly be done if necessary.


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