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> Hi,
> Le mardi 8 avril 2014, 10:05:31 Doug Hellmann a écrit :
>> > The openstack.common module also known as "Oslo Incubator" or "OpenStack
>> > Common Libraries" has 44 dependencies. IMO we reach a point where it
>> > became
>> > too huge. Would it be possible to split it into smaller parts and
>> > distribute it on PyPI with a stable API? I don't know Olso Incubator
>> > enough to suggest the best granularity. A hint can be the number of
>> > dependencies.
>> Yes, as others have pointed out we will be doing this in Juno. See
>> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Oslo/JunoGraduationPlans
> I talk with Julien Danjou on Hangout. He explained me the origins of the code
> and that everyone knows that Oslo Incubator can be improved, and even how it
> can be improved, but this project always lacks workforce. Good news! I'm
> interested to help to enhance Olso Incubator!

Excellent! Besides the IRC channel that Ben mentioned, you may want to
watch for the "[oslo]" topic on this mailing list, especially if you
are already filtering messages into folders.


>> That may make sense for your new function. I think there are some
>> other things in timeutils that don't make sense to upstream. The
>> isotime() and parse_isotime() functions are relatively simple wrappers
>> around existing functions that give us consistent timestamps across
>> projects, for example. Those are useful to us as OpenStack developers,
>> but I'm not sure they're useful to anyone else as written.
> I now understood that each submodule, or even each function, of Olso Incubator
> should be audited to check if it is still used, if it should be removed, if it
> should move "upstream", or if a module can be distributed separatly on the
> Python Cheeseshop (PyPI).
> Sorry, I was not aware of the "Oslo Juno Library Graduation Plan", I will read
> it!
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Oslo/JunoGraduationPlans
> Victor

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