Hi Deepak,

I know that there are plans to completely change how NFS uses (or more
accurately, will not use) the shares.conf file in the future.  My guess is
that a lot of this code will be changed in the near future during that

Andrew Kerr
OpenStack QA
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From:  Deepak Shetty <dpkshe...@gmail.com>
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Date:  Friday, April 11, 2014 at 7:54 AM
To:  "OpenStack Development Mailing List (not for usage questions)"
Subject:  [openstack-dev] [Cinder] XXXFSDriver: Query on usage
of      load_shares_config in ensure_shares_mounted


   I am using the nfs and glusterfs driver as reference here.

I see that load_shares_config is called everytime via
_ensure_shares_mounted which I feel is incorrect mainly because
ensure_shares_mounted loads the config file again w/o restarting the

I think that the shares config file should only be loaded once (during
service startup) as part of do_setup and never again.

If someone changes something in the conf file, one needs to restart
service which calls do_setup again and the changes made in shares.conf is
taken effect.

In looking further.. the ensure_shares_mounted ends up calling
remotefsclient.mount() which does _Nothing_ if the share is already
mounted.. whcih is mostly the case. So even if someone changed something
in the shares file (like added -o options) it won't take
 effect as the share is already mounted & service already running.

In fact today, if you restart the service, even then the changes in share
won't take effect as the mount is not un-mounted, hence when the service
is started next, the mount is existing and ensures_shares_mounted just
returns w/o doing anything.

The only adv of calling load_shares_config in ensure_shares_mounted is if
someone changed the shares server IP while the service is running ... it
loads the new share usign the new server IP.. which again is wrong since
ideally the person should restart service
 for any shares.conf changes to take effect.

Hence i feel callign load_shares_config in ensure_shares_mounted is
Incorrect and should be removed

Thoughts ?



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