It looks to me like this was removed in oslo in commit
a33989e7a2737af757648099cc1af6c642b6e016, which was synced with nova
in 605749ca12af969ac122008b4fa14904df68caf7 (however, I can't see the
change being listed in the commit message for nova, which I assume is
a process failure). That change merged into nova on March 6.

I think the only option we're left with for icehouse is a backport fix for this.


On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 8:20 AM, Chris Behrens <> wrote:
> I’m going to try to not lose my cool here, but I’m extremely upset by this.
> In December, oslo apparently removed the code for ‘use_tpool’ which allows
> you to run DB calls in Threads because it was ‘eventlet specific’. I noticed
> this when a review was posted to nova to add the option within nova itself:
> I objected to this and asked (more demanded) for this to be added back into
> oslo. It was not. What I did not realize when I was reviewing this nova
> patch, was that nova had already synced oslo’s change. And now we’ve
> released Icehouse with a conf option missing that existed in Havana.
> Whatever projects were using oslo’s DB API code has had this option
> disappear (unless an alternative was merged). Maybe it’s only nova.. I don’t
> know.
> Some sort of process broke down here.  nova uses oslo.  And oslo removed
> something nova uses without deprecating or merging an alternative into nova
> first. How I believe this should have worked:
> 1) All projects using oslo’s DB API code should have merged an alternative
> first.
> 2) Remove code from oslo.
> 3) Then sync oslo.
> What do we do now? I guess we’ll have to back port the removed code into
> nova. I don’t know about other projects.
> NOTE: Very few people are probably using this, because it doesn’t work
> without a patched eventlet. However, Rackspace happens to be one that does.
> And anyone waiting on a new eventlet to be released such that they could use
> this with Icehouse is currently out of luck.
> - Chris
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