A preliminary schedule is available now at:


If anybody has feedback or notices any obvious conflicts (you might have to wait until Monday for all of the tracks to be scheduled), please let me know.


On 17/04/14 18:14, Zane Bitter wrote:
A few reminders about design summit sessions for Heat...

* The deadline for proposals is the 20th of April, i.e. the end of this
week. Get your proposals in now.

* The Design Summit isn't the place to introduce feature proposals. The
place to introduce proposals is the mailing list and there's nothing
stopping you from doing it right now. The Design Summit is a place for
the community to come to a consensus on the details of a proposal that
everyone is already familiar with.

* The Design Summit is not the signal to start work on Juno. The signal
to start work on Juno is the release of Icehouse (that happened today,
BTW). Remember, the Juno feature proposal freeze is only 4 months away.

* We have 8 slots, the same as in Portland but down from 9 in Hong Kong.
(Every project is getting fewer slots than in Hong Kong.) It is
inevitable that some very good/important proposals will be squeezed out :(

* Unfortunately the OpenStack system vests all rights to decide the
schedule in the PTL, and the timeframe is too tight to allow for a lot
of consultation - we're supposed to have a schedule before the next
project meeting. (This is but one of many ways in which the PTL system
needs to be reformed IMO, but that is a topic for another day.) To try
to work around this, I have posted a rough ordering of sessions in an
etherpad, along with a list of possible changes:


Please vote on those possible changes, or suggest others that you would
like to see. I'll update the etherpad early next week with the final
list of proposals. (Or someone else could do it! That's the great thing
about an etherpad ;)

* If you're not happy with where your session proposal ended up on the
list, the best thing you can do is flesh it out as much as possible and
start the necessary design conversations on the mailing list.


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