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> Jay Pipes <jaypi...@gmail.com> wrote:
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> > Sure, maybe. AFAIK, it's only in the v2 API, though, not in the v3 API
> > (sorry, I made a mistake about that in my original email). Is there a
> > reason it wasn't added to the v3 API?
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> We did have a pretty strong rule for most of the Icehouse
> development cycle to only merge new API features if the change was
> added either first to the V3 API or at the same time as the V2 API.
> However this (almost unintentionally) ended up getting relaxed whilst
> all the V2 vs V3 API discussions were occurring. As a result there are
> some features that were merged into V2 that we definitely need to now
> add to the V3 API in Juno.
> Since the V3 API is still experimental we have some flexibility, but
> transition pain for those moving from V2 to V3 is still going to be a
> factor in terms of what we want to support.
> Chris

Yeah, looks like this fell by the wayside during those discussions, the v3 
patchset linked from the blueprint is here:



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