Ryan Brady <rbr...@redhat.com> writes:

>> Would you want to merge the patches that simply remove the unneeded
>> lines and then let me followup with patches that remove © along with
>> the then unnecessary coding lines?
> If I was in your position, I'd update the patches that remove lines to
> include all of the affected files and also remove the ©. I'd abandon
> the patches that simply update the line for Emacs compatibility.

Done: https://review.openstack.org/96123/ Let me know what you think.

>> I'm asking since it seems that Gerrit encourages a different style of
>> development than most other projects I know -- single large commits
>> instead of a series of smaller commits, each one logical step
>> building on the previous.
> When patches are too complex, breaking them down makes it easier to
> review, easier to test and easier to revert. In this case, I don't
> think you're adding complexity by changing a line and a character in
> comments for each file in the scope of a project. Opinions may vary
> project to project.

Yeah, that makes sense and I've already heard some differnet opinions.
That's of course fine with me!

I'm a developer in the Mercurial project, and we have strict policies
about patches doing one thing only. Exaclty what "one thing" can then
sometimes be up for debate :)

Thanks for the help so far!

Martin Geisler


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