Hi Everyone,

So we'd like to announce to everyone that we're going to be doing a combined
Infra and QA program mid-cycle meet-up. It will be the week of July 14th in
Darmstadt, Germany at Deutsche Telekom who has graciously offered to sponsor the
event. The plan is to use the week as both a time for face to face collaboration
for both programs respectively as well as having a couple days of bootstrapping
for new users/contributors. The intent was that this would be useful for people
who are interested in contributing to either Infra or QA, and those who are
running third party CI systems.

The current break down for the week that we're looking at is:

July 14th: Infra
July 15th: Infra
July 16th: Bootstrapping for new users
July 17th: More bootstrapping
July 18th: QA

We still have to work out more details, and will follow up once we have them.
But, we thought it would be better to announce the event earlier so people can
start to plan travel if they need it.


Matt Treinish
Jim Blair

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