Hi Everyone,

During the last qa meeting we were discussing ways to try an increase throughput
on the qa-specs repo. We decided to have a dedicated review day for the specs
repo. Right now specs approval is a relatively slow process, reviews seem to
take too long (an average wait time of ~12 days) and responses are often taking
an equally long time.  So to try and stimulate increased velocity for the specs
process having a day which is mostly dedicated to reviewing specs should help.
At the very least we should work through most of the backlog.

I think having the review day scheduled next Wednesday, July 9th, should work
well for most people. I feel that having the review day occur before the
mid-cycle meet-up in a couple weeks would be best. With the US holiday this
Friday, and giving more than a couple of days notice I figured having it next
week was best.

So if if everyone could spend that day concentrating on reviewing qa-specs
proposals I think we'll start to work through the backlog. Of course we'll also
need everyone that submitted specs to be around and active if we want to clear
out the backlog.

I'll send out another reminder the day before the review day.

-Matt Treinish

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