On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, Lucas Alvares Gomes wrote:

The data format that Ironic will send was part of the spec proposed
and could have been reviewed. I think there's still time to change it
tho, if you have a better format talk to Haomeng which is the guys
responsible for that work in Ironic and see if he can change it (We
can put up a following patch to fix the spec with the new format as
well) . But we need to do this ASAP because we want to get it landed
in Ironic soon.

It was only after doing the work that I realized how it might be an
example for the sake of this discussion. As the architecure of
Ceilometer currently exist there still needs to be some measure of
custom code, even if the notifications are as I described them.

However, if we want to take this opportunity to move some of the
smarts from Ceilomer into the Ironic code then the paste that I created
might be a guide to make it possible:


However on that however, if there's some chance that a large change could
happen, it might be better to wait, I don't know.

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