Since Juno-2 is quickly approaching, I wanted to update everyone on where
we're at with regards to third party testing in Neutron. The etherpad here
was the original link with status. The link here [2] shows what is expected
Neutron third party CI systems.

On the CI status side, I'd like to ask the owners of the following CI
to attend Monday's third party meeting [3] to discuss the status of their CI
systems. These are the ones which appear to be in trouble, aren't running,
or have some issues.

   1. Cisco
      1. Not enough logs being saved.
      2. Log retention issues.
   2. Citrix Netscaler LBaaS driver
      1. I don't think this has a third party CI system running.
   3. Embrane (both plugin and LBaaS driver)
      1. Logs are tarred up and not viewable in web browser.
      2. Inconsistent runs at times.
   4. IBM SDN-VE
      1. Currently inactive, moving to a new system.
   5. One Convergence
      1. Very high failure rate for patch runs.
   6. OpenDaylight
      1. Logs are tarred up and not viewable in web browser
   7. PLUMgrid
      1. Not saving enough logs
   8. Radware
      1. Logs are not viewable in browser
   9. Tail-F
      1. Inconsistent past runs, need updates on status.
   10. vArmour FWaaS driver
      1. Can't view logs.
      2. Inconsistent runs against patches.

I'd like to take some time in the Monday meeting to go over the issues these
CI systems are having and give the maintainers a chance to discuss this with
us. The third party team is hopeful we can spend the energy in the meeting
working with CI maintainers who are actively interested in making progress
on improving their CI systems.

Per my email to the list in June [4], the expectation is that third party CI
systems in Neutron are running and following the guidelines set forth by
both Neutron and Infra. The weekly meeting is a place to seek help, and
we're happy that a large number of third party CI owners and maintainers
are using this resource.

I'd also like to encourange anyone with a patch for a plugin or driver in
to participate in the third-party meetings going forward as well. This will
to ensure your CI system is running while your patch is being reviewed, and
actively work to sort out issues during the review process to ensure smooth
merging of your plugin or driver.

Thank you!

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