Hi TripleO!

It would appear that we have no coverage in devtest which ensures that
Cinder consistently works in the overcloud. As such the TripleO Cinder
elements are often broken (as of today I can't fully use lio or tgt w/
upstream TripleO elements).

How do people feel about swapping out our single 'nova boot' command to
boot from a volume. Something like this:


There is a bit of tradeoff here in that the conversion will take a bit
of time (qemu-img has to run). Also our boot code path won't be exactly
the same as booting from an image.

Long term we want to run Tempest but due to resource constraints we
can't do that today. Until then this sort of deep systems test (running
a command that exercises more code) might serve us well and give us the
Cinder coverage we need.


I would also like to split the test configurations so that we use
cinder-lio for some (cinder-tgt is our existing default in devtest).


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