Excerpts from Dan Prince's message of 2014-07-16 09:50:51 -0700:
> Hi TripleO!
> It would appear that we have no coverage in devtest which ensures that
> Cinder consistently works in the overcloud. As such the TripleO Cinder
> elements are often broken (as of today I can't fully use lio or tgt w/
> upstream TripleO elements).
> How do people feel about swapping out our single 'nova boot' command to
> boot from a volume. Something like this:
>  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/107437
> There is a bit of tradeoff here in that the conversion will take a bit
> of time (qemu-img has to run). Also our boot code path won't be exactly
> the same as booting from an image.
> Long term we want to run Tempest but due to resource constraints we
> can't do that today. Until then this sort of deep systems test (running
> a command that exercises more code) might serve us well and give us the
> Cinder coverage we need.
> Thoughts?

Tempest is a stretch goal. Given our long test times, until we get them
down, I don't know if we can even flirt with tempest other than the most
basic smoke tests.

So yes, I like the idea of having our one smoke test be as wide as

Later on we can add Heat coverage by putting said smoke test into a
Heat template.

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