On 2014-07-21 11:36:43 -0700 (-0700), Kevin Benton wrote:
> I see. So then back to my other question, is it possible to get
> access to the same branch that is being passed to the OpenStack CI
> devstack tests?
> For example, in the console output I can see it uses a ref
> likeĀ refs/zuul/ master/Z75ac747d605b4eb28d4add7fa5b99890.[1] Is
> that visible somewhere (other than the logs of course) could be
> used in a third-party system?

Right now, no. It's information passed from Zuul to a Jenkins master
via Gearman, but as far as I know is currently only discoverable
within the logs and the job parameters displayed in Jenkins. There
has been some discussion in the past of Zuul providing some more
detailed information to third-party systems (perhaps the capability
to add them as additional Gearman workers) but that has never been
fully fleshed out.

For the case of independent pipelines (which is all I would expect a
third-party CI to have any interest in running for the purpose of
testing a proposed change) it should be entirely sufficient to
cherry-pick a patch/series from our Gerrit onto the target branch.
Only _dependent_ pipelines currently make use of Zuul's capability
to provide a common ref representing a set of different changes
across multiple projects, since independent pipelines will only ever
have an available ZUUL_REF on a single project (the same project for
which the change is being proposed).
Jeremy Stanley

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