Apologies for the cross-post: this should be of interest to both infra
and olso.messaging developers.

The blueprint [0] that adds support for version 1.0 of the AMQP messaging
protocol is blocked due to CI test failures [1]. These failures are due
to a new package dependency this blueprint adds to oslo.messaging.

The AMQP 1.0 functionality is provided by the Apache Qpid's Proton
AMQP 1.0 toolkit.  The blueprint uses the Python bindings for this
toolkit, which are available on Pypi.  These bindings, however, include
a C extension that depends on the Proton toolkit development libraries
in order to build and install.  The lack of this toolkit is the cause
of the blueprint's current CI failures.

This toolkit is written in C, and thus requires platform-specific

Now here's the problem: packages for Proton are not included by
default in most distro's base repositories (yet).  The Apache Qpid
team has provided packages for EPEL, and has a PPA available for
Ubuntu.  Packages for Debian are also being proposed.

I'm proposing this patch to openstack-infra/config to address the
dependency problem [2].  It adds the proton toolkit packages to the
common slave configuration.  Does this make sense?  Are there any
better alternatives?


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