On 2014-07-30 14:59:09 -0400 (-0400), Ken Giusti wrote:
> Thanks Daniel.  It was my understanding - which may be wrong - that
> having devstack install the 'out of band' packages would only help in
> the case of the devstack-based integration tests, not in the case of
> CI running the unit tests.  Is that indeed the case?
> I'm open to any thoughts on how best to solve this, thanks.

Since they're in EPEL and we run Python 2.6 unit tests today on
CentOS 6 servers, if the proton libraries install successfully there
perhaps we could opportunistically exercise it only under Python 2.6
for now? Not ideal, but it does get it enforced upstream with
minimal fuss. I'd really rather not start accumulating arbitrary PPA
sources on our job workers... I know we've done it for a handful of
multi-project efforts where we needed select backports from non-LTS
releases, but we've so far limited that to only PPAs maintained by
the same package teams as the mainline distro packages themselves.

Longer term, I'd suggest getting it sponsored into Debian
unstable/testing ASAP, interesting the Ubuntu OpenStack team in
importing it into the development tree for the next Ubuntu release,
and then incorporating it into the Trusty Ubuntu Cloud Archive.
We're not using UCA yet, but on Trusty we probably should consider
adding it sooner rather than later since when we tried to tack on
the Precise UCA in the last couple cycles we had too many headaches
from trying to jump ahead substantially on fundamental bits like
libvirt. Breaking sooner and more often means those incremental
issues are easier to identify and address, usually.
Jeremy Stanley

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