The hard limit should be 2.63 since that is supported in all of the modern long 
term releases from the distros.  I’d prefer we not exit processes because we’ve 
been removing active checks on process starts.


On Jul 29, 2014, at 9:51 PM, Xuhan Peng 
<<>> wrote:

We bumped the minimum version of dnsmasq to 2.63 a while ago by this code 

However, currently we still "kind of" support earlier version of dnsmasq 
because we only give a warning and don't exit the program when we find dnsmasq 
version is less than the minimum version. This causes some confusion and 
complicates the code since we need to take care different syntax of dnsmasq of 
different version in dhcp code (Note that the previous version doesn't support 

I wonder what's your opinion on NOT supporting dnsmasq version less than 2.63 
in Juno? I think we can prompt error message and exit the program when we 
detect invalid version but I would like to gather more thoughts on this one.

Xu Han
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