Hello All,

So, I'm working on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/111459/, and have 
encountered an issue.  It seems that the Nova Baremetal driver
uses the ImageCacheManager from the Libvirt driver.  For various reasons (see 
the commit), the ImageCacheManager has been refactored to
require a libvirt connection to function properly.  However, the Nova Baremetal 
driver cannot provide such a connection.  Bearing in mind that
Baremetal is deprecated and slated to be replaced by Ironic, the question is 
such: what to do about the ImageCacheManager.

One option would be to make it so that the ImageCacheManager can function 
without a libvirt connection.  This might make sense if the Baremetal
driver were around to stay; there would be somewhat less duplication than a 
wholesale copying of the code.  However, in light of Baremetal's impending
this seems to me to be a poor choice since it would involve lots of duplicate 
functionality, would complicate the ImageCacheManager code, and would
later need to be manually removed once the Baremetal driver is removed.

The second option would be to make a copy of the old ImageCacheManager in the 
Baremetal directory, and have the Baremetal driver
use that.  This seems to me to be the better option, since it means that when 
the Baremetal driver is removed, the old ImageCacheManager
code goes with it, without someone having to manually remove it.

What do you think?

Best Regards,
Solly Ross

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