On the tail of several weeks of travel and the Juno2 milestone, I have
pushed up the 0.2.0 (*) version of the python-ironicclient library. This
includes all the feature changes from Juno-2 development, and some bug
fixes from Juno-1.

* "node-show" now includes the new "instance_info" field
* add "node set-provision-state" command
* update help string for "node-create" to distinguish nodes' physical
  properties from instances' logical properties, which should be set using
* add bash completion support for the CLI
* ironicclient module now exposes 'auth_ref' object
* "list" commands support pagination (--marker, --limit)
* CLI supports vendor-passthru method
* add "driver-properties" command to expose what "driver_info" attributes
  each driver expects
* client support for the get and set boot device calls on the new management

Please file bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-ironicclient if you
encounter any.


(*) I actually pushed up 0.1.5 first, then realized this needed a MINOR
version change and tagged 0.2.0
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