Hi all,

I need some help regarding a bug [1] I'm working on.

The bug is basically a request to make the mac address of a port updatable.  
The use case is a baremetal (Ironic) node that has a bad NIC which must be 
replaced, resulting in a new mac address.  The bad NIC has an associated 
neutron port which of course holds the NIC's IP address.  The reason to make 
mac_address updatable (as opposed to having the user create a new port and 
delete the old one) is that during the recovery process the IP address must be 
retained and assigned to the new NIC/port, which is not guaranteed in the above 

I'm coding the changes to do this in the ml2, openvswitch, and linuxbridge 
plugins but I'm not sure how to handle the the other plugins since I don't know 
if the associated backends are prepared to handle such updates.  My first 
thought is to disallow the update in the other plugins, but I would really 
appreciate your advice.

Kind regards,
Chuck Carlino

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1341268
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