How are you implementing the change? It would be good to get to see some
code in a review to get an idea of what needs to be updated.

If it's just a change in the DB base plugin, just let those changes
propagate to the plugins that haven't overridden the inherited behavior.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 1:28 PM, Charles Carlino <>

> Hi all,
> I need some help regarding a bug [1] I'm working on.
> The bug is basically a request to make the mac address of a port
> updatable.  The use case is a baremetal (Ironic) node that has a bad NIC
> which must be replaced, resulting in a new mac address.  The bad NIC has an
> associated neutron port which of course holds the NIC's IP address.  The
> reason to make mac_address updatable (as opposed to having the user create
> a new port and delete the old one) is that during the recovery process the
> IP address must be retained and assigned to the new NIC/port, which is not
> guaranteed in the above work-around.
> I'm coding the changes to do this in the ml2, openvswitch, and linuxbridge
> plugins but I'm not sure how to handle the the other plugins since I don't
> know if the associated backends are prepared to handle such updates.  My
> first thought is to disallow the update in the other plugins, but I would
> really appreciate your advice.
> Kind regards,
> Chuck Carlino
> [1]
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