We working on cross service project profiler OSprofiler [1] and integrating
it in all projects (including gates)
Please join discussion here:

If everting goes well we will get this feature in Juno.
So we will be able to trace request cross service-project with just adding
--profile to any python client call.
And get such results:


Best regards,
Boris Pavlovic

On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 8:03 PM, Chris Friesen <>

> Is there a straightforward way to determine where the time is going when I
> run a command from novaclient?
> For instance, if I run "nova list", that's going to run novaclient, which
> will send a message to nova-api, which wakes up and does some processing
> and sends a message to nova-conductor, which wakes up and does some
> processing and then calls out to the database, which wakes up and does some
> processing and sends the response back to nova-conductor, etc...  And the
> messaging goes via rabbit, so there are additional messaging and wake-ups
> involved there.
> Suppose nova-list takes A amount of time to there a standard way
> to determine how much time was spent in nova-api, in nova-conductor, in the
> database, in rabbit, how much was due to scheduler delays, etc.?  Or would
> I be looking at needing to instrument everything to get that level of
> detail?
> Chris
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