On 8 August 2014 10:56, Kevin Benton <blak...@gmail.com> wrote:

> There is an enforcement component to the group policy that allows you to
> use the current APIs and it's the reason that group policy is integrated
> into the neutron project. If someone uses the current APIs, the group
> policy plugin will make sure they don't violate any policy constraints
> before passing the request into the regular core/service plugins.

This is the statement that makes me trip over, and I don't understand why
GBP and Neutron Core need to be 'integrated' together as they have. Policy
decision points can be decentralized from the system under scrutiny, we
don't need to have one giant monolithic system that does everything; it's
an architectural decision that would make difficult to achieve
composability and all the other good -ilities of software systems.
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