On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 3:27 PM, Joe Gordon <joe.gord...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Eoghan Glynn <egl...@redhat.com> wrote:
>> > Ignoring the question of is it ok to say: 'to run ceilometer in any sort
>> > of
>> > non-trivial deployment you must manager yet another underlying service,
>> > mongodb' I would prefer not adding an addition gate variant to all
>> > projects.
>> > With the effort to reduce the number of gate variants we have [0] I
>> > would
>> > prefer to see just ceilometer gate on both mongodb and sqlalchemy and
>> > the
>> > main integrated gate [1] pick just one.
>> Just checking to see that I fully understand what you mean there, Joe.
>> So would we:
>>  (a) add a new integrated-gate-ceilometer project-template to [1],
>>      in the style of integrated-gate-neutron or integrated-gate-sahara,
>>      which would replicate the main integrated-gate template but with
>>      the addition of gate-tempest-dsvm-ceilometer-mongodb(-full)
>> or:
>>  (b) simply move gate-tempest-dsvm-ceilometer-mongodb(-full) from
>>      the experimental column[2] in the openstack-ceilometer project,
>>      to the gate column on that project
>> or:
>>  (c) something else
>> Please excuse the ignorance of gate mechanics inherent in that question.
> Correct, AFAIK (a) or (b) would be sufficient.
> There is another option, which is make the mongodb version the default in
> integrated-gate and only run SQLA on ceilometer.


I believe this last option is equivalent to making mongodb the
recommended implementation by virtue of suddenly being the most tested
implementation. I would prefer not to see that.


IIUC (and I am not an infra expert) I would suggest (b) since this
keeps the mongo tests within the ceilometer project only, which I
think is fine from a "what we test is what we recommend" standpoint.

Also, if there is a situation where a change in Nova passes with
ceilometer+mysql and thus lands in Nova, but fails with
ceilometer+mongodb, yes, that would break the ceilometer project's
gate (but not the integrated gate). It would also indicate a
substantial abstraction violation within ceilometer. I have proposed
exactly this model for Ironic's deploy driver testing, and am willing
to accept the consequences within the project if we break our own


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