On Tue, Aug 12 2014, Joshua Harlow wrote:


> What do u think about waiting until pylockfile is ready and avoiding 1-4
> from above? At least if taskflow uses tooz I surely don't want taskflow to
> have to deal with #1-4 (which it will inherit from tooz if taskflow starts
> to use tooz by the very nature of taskflow using tooz as a library).

I definitely agree with you! The thing is that I wanted to have this for
Gnocchi and the patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/110260/ which is
going to be simplified by that. So I went ahead and implemented a first
version of the IPC driver, which as you point out, is far from being

Now, if you think – and you have good points – that the IPC driver in
tooz could be better, I'm not going to disagree, and patches are
welcome! :-)

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