Do u know if ceilometer is using six.wraps?

If so, that helper adds in the `__wrapped__` attribute to decorated methods (which can be used to find the original decorated function).

If just plain functools are used (and python3.x isn't used) then it will be pretty hard afaik to find the original decorated function (if that's the desire).

six.wraps() is new in six 1.7.x so it might not be used in ceilometer yet (although maybe it should start to be used?).


On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 9:08 AM, Pendergrass, Eric <> wrote:
Hi, I’m trying to use the built in secure decorator in Pecan for access control, and I’ld like to get the name of the method that is wrapped from within the decorator. For instance, if I’m wrapping MetersController.get_all with an @secure decorator, is there a way for the decorator code to know it was called by MetersController.get_all? I don’t see any global objects that provide this information. I can get the endpoint, v2/meters, with pecan.request.path, but that’s not as elegant. Is there a way to derive the caller or otherwise pass this information to the decorator? Thanks
Eric Pendergrass

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