This should give you what you need:

from pecan.core import state

On 08/12/14 04:08 PM, Pendergrass, Eric wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to use the built in secure decorator in Pecan for access 
> control, and I'ld like to get the name of the method that is wrapped from 
> within the decorator.
> For instance, if I'm wrapping MetersController.get_all with an @secure 
> decorator, is there a way for the decorator code to know it was called by 
> MetersController.get_all?
> I don't see any global objects that provide this information.  I can get the 
> endpoint, v2/meters, with pecan.request.path, but that's not as elegant.
> Is there a way to derive the caller or otherwise pass this information to the 
> decorator?
> Thanks
> Eric Pendergrass

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