Hi Mark,

Going through the notes from our midcycle meeting   (see 
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-lbaas-mid-cycle-hackathon) I noticed your 
name next to the Service Port and IPAM:
Service Ports

*         Owner: Mark

*         Nova hacks

*         Nova port that nova borrows but doesn't destroy when VM is

IP allocation - IPAM

*         TBD: Large task: Owner: Mark

*         ability to assoc an IP that is not associated with a port/vm

*         can we create a faster way of moving IP's? (Susanne)

With all the other LBaaS work we sort of lost track on that but now as we 
started work on planning for Octavia I am wondering if there is any progress on 
those topics.

Thanks a dozen,
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