The current DIB element support for downloading tarballs via 
"source-repository" allows an entry in the following form:

<name> tar <targetdir> <url>

Today, this feature is currently used only by the mysql DIB element. You can 
see how it's used here:

However, the underlying diskimage-builder implementation of tarball handling is 
rather odd and inflexible. After downloading the file (or retrieving from 
cache) and unpacking into a tmp directory, it performs:

mv $tmp/*/* $targetdir

This does work as long as the tarball follows a structure where all its 
files/directories are contained within a single directory, but it fails if the 
tarball contains no subdirectories. (Even worse is when it contains some files 
and some subdirectories, in which case the files are lost and the contents of 
all subdirs get lumped together in the output folder.)

Since this tarball support is only used today by the mysql DIB element, I would 
love to fix this in both diskimage-builder and tripleo-image-element by 
changing to simply:

mv $tmp/* $targetdir

And then manually tweaking the directory structure of $targetdir from a new 
install.d script in the mysql element to restore the desired layout.

However, it's important to note that this will break backwards compatibility if 
tarball support is used in its current fashion by users with private DIB 

Personally, I consider the current behavior so egregious that it really needs 
to be fixed across the board rather than preserving backwards compatibility.

Do others agree? If not, do you have suggestions as to how to improve this 
mechanism cleanly without sacrificing backwards compatibility?


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