On 15/08/14 20:57, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Excerpts from Brownell, Jonathan C (Corvallis)'s message of 2014-08-15 
> 08:11:18 -0700:
>> The current DIB element support for downloading tarballs via 
>> "source-repository" allows an entry in the following form:
>> <name> tar <targetdir> <url>
>> Today, this feature is currently used only by the mysql DIB element. You can 
>> see how it's used here:
>> https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-image-elements/blob/master/elements/mysql/source-repository-mysql
>> However, the underlying diskimage-builder implementation of tarball handling 
>> is rather odd and inflexible. After downloading the file (or retrieving from 
>> cache) and unpacking into a tmp directory, it performs:
>> mv $tmp/*/* $targetdir

iirc the reason this was done was so that tarball support could be used
as a replacement for git if needed, eg. if I wanted to install nova from
tarball instead of git I could set


The end result should be the same as if it was git clone so that the
nova element could continue to work as is.

>> This does work as long as the tarball follows a structure where all its 
>> files/directories are contained within a single directory, but it fails if 
>> the tarball contains no subdirectories. (Even worse is when it contains some 
>> files and some subdirectories, in which case the files are lost and the 
>> contents of all subdirs get lumped together in the output folder.)
>> Since this tarball support is only used today by the mysql DIB element, I 
>> would love to fix this in both diskimage-builder and tripleo-image-element 
>> by changing to simply:
>> mv $tmp/* $targetdir
>> And then manually tweaking the directory structure of $targetdir from a new 
>> install.d script in the mysql element to restore the desired layout.
>> However, it's important to note that this will break backwards compatibility 
>> if tarball support is used in its current fashion by users with private DIB 
>> elements.
>> Personally, I consider the current behavior so egregious that it really 
>> needs to be fixed across the board rather than preserving backwards 
>> compatibility.
>> Do others agree? If not, do you have suggestions as to how to improve this 
>> mechanism cleanly without sacrificing backwards compatibility?
> How about we make a glob to use, so like this:
> mysql tar /usr/local/mysql http://someplace/mysql.tar.gz mysql-5.*
> That would result in
>     mv $tmp/mysql-5.*/* $targetdir
> And then we would warn that assuming the glob will be '*' is deprecated,
> to be changed in a later release.
> Users who want your proposed behavior would use . until the default
> changes. That would result in
>     mv $tmp/./* $targetdir

this works for me, once the default changes users who use the example
above(If there are any) would need to include

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