One of the outcomes from Juno will be horizontal scalability in the
central agent and alarm evaluator via partitioning[1]. The compute
agent will get the same capability if you choose to use it, but it
doesn't make quite as much sense.

I haven't investigated the alarm evaluator side closely yet, but one
concern I have with the central agent partitioning is that, as far
as I can tell, it will result in stored samples that give no
indication of which (of potentially very many) central-agent it came

This strikes me as a debugging nightmare when something goes wrong
with the content of a sample that makes it all the way to storage.
We need some way, via the artifact itself, to narrow the scope of
our investigation.

a) Am I right that no indicator is there?

b) Assuming there should be one:

   * Where should it go? Presumably it needs to be an attribute of
     each sample because as agents leave and join the group, where
     samples are published from can change.

   * How should it be named? The never-ending problem.



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