> a) Am I right that no indicator is there?
> b) Assuming there should be one:
> * Where should it go? Presumably it needs to be an attribute of
> each sample because as agents leave and join the group, where
> samples are published from can change.
> * How should it be named? The never-ending problem.
disclaimer: i'm just riffing and the following might be nonsense.
i don't think we have a formal indicator on where a sample came from. we do 
attach a message signature to each sample which verifies it hasn't been 
tampered with.[1] i could envision that being a way to trace a path (right now 
i'm not sure you're able to set a unique metering hash key per agent)
that said, i guess it's really dependent on how you plan on debugging? it might 
be easy to have some sort of logging to include the agents id and what sample 
it's publishing.
i guess also to extend your question about agents leaving/joining. i'd expect 
there is some volatility to the agents where an agent may or may not exist at 
the point of debugging... just curious what the benefit is of knowing who sent 
it if all the agents are just clones of each other.

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