On 08/22/2014 09:02 PM, Anne Gentle wrote:

    Let's call spades, spades here.  Czar is not only overkill, but
    the wrong metaphor.

I'm with Rocky on the anti-czar-as-a-word camp. We all like clever names to shed the "corporate" stigma but this word ain't it. Liaison or lead?

Also wanted to point to https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTLguide as it's quite nice.

In the Linux Kernel world they are called Lieutenants, but they are per sub system. I'm guessing that is more like the PTL role today. THe etymology is good, to, as a Lieutenant is one who "stands in Lieu of the commander."

I think that some projects probably need to divvy up the roles along different line. For example, in Keystone, we have KVS, SQL and LDAP backends. Morgan's been the KVS guy due to rewriting things for Dogpile, and I've been kind of the LDAP guy since I was originally responsible for that. I suspect the same is true of other projects.

Many of the roles you listed (Bug, etc) are straight PTL responsibilities in my book. What is lacking is a structure over delegating out some subset of that responsibility: no regular bug triage meeting, etc. I'd rather not throw all bug-triage onto one persons shoulders, as it really should be a team effort.

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