OK, now that we have evacuated the terminology issue (we'll use liaison
or janitor or secretary, not czar), and side-stepped the offtopic
development (this is not about suppressing PTLs, just a framework to let
them delegate along predetermined lines if they want to)... which of
those unnamed roles do we need ?

In the thread were mentioned:
- Bugs janitor (keep reported bugs under control)
- Oslo liaison (already in place)
- Security mule (VMT first point of contact)
- Release secretary (communication with integrated release management)
- Infrastructure contact (for gate and other infra issues)
- Docs lieutenant (docs point of contact)

Anita mentioned the "3rd party space" person, but I wonder if it would
not be specific to some projects. Would it actually be separate from the
"Infra contact" role ?

Do we need someone to cover the QA space ? Anything else missing ?

At first glance I don't think we need a role for logistics (chairing
meetings and organizing meetups), design summit planning, roadmapping,
user point of contact, or spokesperson -- as I expect the PTL to retain
those roles anyway...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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