On 25/08/14 06:48, Thierry Carrez wrote:
Zane Bitter wrote:
Over the past couple of release cycles, the TC has put together a fairly
comprehensive checklist for projects entering into incubation with a
view to being included in the integrated release. However, I'm not aware
of anything equivalent for projects that are becoming official (i.e.
moving to the openstack/ namespace) but that are not targeting eventual
integration - or, indeed, that _are_ targeting eventual integration but
have not yet applied for incubation.

The current procedure afaict is to submit a review to the governance
repo listing the repository under a particular program. It seems like at
a minimum we should be checking for basic due diligence stuff like "Is
it Apache licensed?", "Did everyone sign the CLA?" (may it diaf) and
"Are there any trademark issues?". And maybe there are other things the
TC should be looking at too.

I agree... currently we only check that the program is fine with adding
that new repository (by checking with the PTL :P) and that the project
intent seems to fit in the program mission scope. Extra basic due
diligence can't hurt, and we could turn that into a new requirements list.

Would you be interested in proposing a basic "new projects in existing
program requirements" list as a governance repo change ? Then we could
iterate on it.

Sure :)


- ZB

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