After reading https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Incubator I have
some thoughts about the proposed workflow.

We have quite a bit of experience and some good tools around splitting
code out of projects and into new projects.  But we don't generally do a
lot of importing code into projects.  We've done this once, to my
recollection, in a way that preserved history, and that was with the
switch to keystone-lite.

It wasn't easy; it's major git surgery and would require significant
infra-team involvement any time we wanted to do it.

However, reading the proposal, it occurred to me that it's pretty clear
that we expect these tools to be able to operate outside of the Neutron
project itself, to even be releasable on their own.  Why not just stick
with that?  In other words, the goal of this process should be to create
separate projects with their own development lifecycle that will
continue indefinitely, rather than expecting the code itself to merge
into the neutron repo.

This has advantages in simplifying workflow and making it more
consistent.  Plus it builds on known integration mechanisms like APIs
and python project versions.

But more importantly, it helps scale the neutron project itself.  I
think that a focused neutron core upon which projects like these can
build on in a reliable fashion would be ideal.


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