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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about what changes we can bring to the Design
Summit format to make it more productive. I've heard the feedback
from the mid-cycle meetups and would like to apply some of those
ideas for Paris, within the constraints we have (already booked
space and time). Here is something we could do:

Day 1. Cross-project sessions / incubated projects / other

I think that worked well last time. 3 parallel rooms where we can
address top cross-project questions, discuss the results of the
various experiments we conducted during juno. Don't hesitate to
schedule 2 slots for discussions, so that we have time to come to
the bottom of those issues. Incubated projects (and maybe "other"
projects, if space allows) occupy the remaining space on day 1, and
could occupy "pods" on the other days.

If anything, I’d like to have fewer cross-project tracks running
simultaneously. Depending on which are proposed, maybe we can make
that happen. On the other hand, cross-project issues is a big theme
right now so maybe we should consider devoting more than a day to
dealing with them.

I agree with Doug here. I'd almost say having a single cross-project
room, with serialized content would be better than 3 separate
cross-project tracks. By nature, the cross-project sessions will attract
developers that work or are interested in a set of projects that looks
like a big Venn diagram. By having 3 separate cross-project tracks, we
would increase the likelihood that developers would once more have to
choose among simultaneous sessions that they have equal interest in. For
Infra and QA folks, this likelihood is even greater...

I think I'd prefer a single cross-project track on the first day.

So the fallout of that is there will be 6 or 7 cross-project slots for
the design summit. Maybe that's the right mix if the TC does a good job
picking the top 5 things we want accomplished from a cross project
standpoint during the cycle. But it's going to have to be a pretty
directed pick. I think last time we had 21 slots, and with a couple of
doubling up that gave 19 sessions. (about 30 - 35 proposals for that
slot set).

I'm not sure that would be a bad thing :)

I think one of the reasons the mid-cycles have been successful is that
they have adequately limited the scope of discussions and I think by
doing our homework by fully vetting and voting on cross-project sessions
and being OK with saying "No, not this time.", we will be more
productive than if we had 20+ cross-project sessions.

Just my two cents, though..

I'm not sure it would be a bad thing either. I just wanted to be
explicit about what we are saying the cross projects sessions are for in
this case: the 5 key cross project activities the TC believes should be
worked on this next cycle.


The other question is if we did that what's running in competition to
cross project day? Is it another free form pod day for people not
working on those things?

It could be a pod day, sure. Or just an extended hallway session day... :)


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