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>     Hi everyone,
>     I've been thinking about what changes we can bring to the Design Summit
>     format to make it more productive. I've heard the feedback from the
>     mid-cycle meetups and would like to apply some of those ideas for Paris,
>     within the constraints we have (already booked space and time). Here is
>     something we could do:
>     Day 1. Cross-project sessions / incubated projects / other projects
>     I think that worked well last time. 3 parallel rooms where we can
>     address top cross-project questions, discuss the results of the various
>     experiments we conducted during juno. Don't hesitate to schedule 2 slots
>     for discussions, so that we have time to come to the bottom of those
>     issues. Incubated projects (and maybe "other" projects, if space allows)
>     occupy the remaining space on day 1, and could occupy "pods" on the
>     other days.
> Yep, I think this works in theory, the tough part will be when all the
> incubating projects realize they're sending people for a single day?
> Maybe it'll work out differently than I think though. It means fitting
> ironic, barbican, designate, manila, marconi in a day? 

Actually those projects would get pod space for the rest of the week, so
they should stay! Also some of them might have graduated by then :)

> Also since QA, Infra, and Docs are cross-project AND Programs, where do
> they land?

I think those teams work on different issues. Some issues require a lot
of communication and input because they are cross-project problems that
those teams are tasked with solving -- in which case that belongs to the
cross-project day. Other issues are more implementation details and
require mostly the team members but not so much external input -- those
belong to the specific slots or the "contributors meetup". Obviously
some things will be a bit borderline and we'll have to pick one or the
other based on available slots.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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