I would like to discuss the pros and cons of putting Octavia into the
Neutron LBaaS incubator project right away. If it is going to be the
reference implementation for LBaaS v 2 then I believe Octavia belong in
Neutron LBaaS v2 incubator.

The Pros:
* Octavia is in Openstack incubation right away along with the lbaas v2
code. We do not have to apply for incubation later on.
* As incubation project we have our own core and should be able ot commit
our code
* We are starting out as an OpenStack incubated project

The Cons:
* Not sure of the velocity of the project
* Incubation not well defined.

If Octavia starts as a standalone stackforge project we are assuming that
it would be looked favorable on when time is to move it into incubated

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