Sounds good to me too.

On 09/02/2014 08:20 AM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> Oslo team,
> We need to consider how we are going to handle the approaching feature freeze 
> deadline (4 Sept). We should, at this point, be focusing reviews on changes 
> associated with blueprints. We will have time to finish graduation work and 
> handle bugs between the freeze and the release candidate deadline, but 
> obviously it’s OK to review those now, too.
> I propose that we apply the feature freeze rules to the incubator and any 
> library that has had a release this cycle and is being used by any other 
> project, but that libraries still being graduated not be frozen. I think that 
> gives us exceptions for oslo.concurrency, oslo.serialization, and 
> oslo.middleware. All of the other libraries should be planning to freeze new 
> feature work this week.
> The app RC1 period starts 25 Sept, so we should be prepared to tag our final 
> releases of libraries before then to ensure those final releases don’t 
> introduce issues into the apps when they are released. We will apply 1.0 tags 
> to the same commits that have the last alpha in the release series for each 
> library, and then focus on fixing any bugs that come up during the release 
> candidate period. I propose that we tag our releases on 18 Sept, to give us a 
> few days to fix any issues that arise before the RC period starts.
> Please let me know if you spot any issues with this plan.
> Doug
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