Thanks for your update. I¹m learning the function recently,
Might have more question to you soon.

On 3/9/14 6:51 pm, "Duncan Thomas" <> wrote:

>On 3 September 2014 01:20, Emma Lin <> wrote:
>> Thank you all for the prompt response. And I¹m glad to see the progress
>> this topic.
>> Basically, what I¹m thinking is the local storage support for big data
>> large scale computing is specially useful.
>> I¹ll monitor the meeting progress actively.
>Lots of people are interested in the solution, but nobody has produced
>a complete proposal yet.
>> Duncan,
>> And I¹m interested to know the details of this topic. Btw, if this Brick
>> code called by Cinder?
>Brick is used in quite a few places in cinder, yes.
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