during this week's cinder weekly meeting [1], we discussed plans for
Kilo, a discussion that started at the mid-cycle meetup [2]. The
outcome is that we (the cinder core team and extended community) want
to focus on stability and code clean-up in the Kilo release, and
paying off some of the technical debt we've built up over the past
couple of years [3]. In order to facilitate this, for the Kilo cycle:

1. New drivers must be submitted before K1 in order to be considered.
Any driver submitted after this date will be deferred until the L
cycle. We encourage submitters to get in early, even if you make K1
there is no guarantee of getting enough reviewer attention to get

2. New features are limited and ideally merged by K2.

3. K3 is dedicated to stability and bug fixing. (Much of this work
will happen before K3, but K3 is dedicated to testing and reviewing of
it, in preference to anything else. Any driver enhancements required
to support pre-existing features will also be considered, but please
get them in as early as possible).

4. PoC required before the summit, for any summit session related to
new features.

5. There will be a continuing drive for 3rd party CI of every driver
in cinder during the Kilo cycle.

I'll repost these guidelines and any follow-up clarifications shortly
before the summit. Comments / feedback welcome.


[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-meetup-summer-2014

[3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-kilo-stabilisation-work

Duncan Thomas

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